Photo at 18 months DOB 6.5.02.

Mace is now a permanent resident in Utah, USA and is at stud with Silmaril Kennels. All enquiries to Dr Carl Pew. Mace has had an enormously successful show career and has produced quality pups to different lines of bitches. His sparkling personality and showmanship have endeared him to many.

I'd like to compile a picture list of his offspring - so if you have one of his kids, email me with a good photo, a name, parents and I'll include them further down the page.

American show results

May 2006 - Best White Bull Terrier - BRONZE TROPHY Bull Terrier Fanciers Assn - Dale Schuur, Naomi Waynee, Alex Walder
May 2006 - Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex - Bull Terrier Fanciers Assn - Franne Berez, Action (USA)
May 2006 - Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex - Seaway KC (BT Fanciers Assn) - Jan Dykema, Bestuvall (USA)
May 2006 - Best of Breed, Terrier Group 1 - Seaway KC (BT Fanciers Assn) - Victoria Corse, Corsaire, (USA)
January 2006 - Winners Dog , Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex - Columbia River BTC - Naomi Waynee, Millenium
January 2006 - Winners Dog , Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex - Columbia River BTC - Jan Dykema, Bestuvall
January 2006 - Winners Dog , Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex - Orange BTC - Chris Kilapatick, Kilacabar (UK)
January 2006 - Winners Dog, Best of Winners - Norma Smith, Magor (Can)

Australian show results

September 2005 - Res Dog - BTCNSW Mrs Cox, Coxgals (UK)
August 2005 - Res Dog - NDBTC Gayle Pew, Gandalf (USA)
August 2005 - Res Dog - NDBTC - Mr Howarth (UK)
June 2005 - Res BOB, Dog CC - Qsld BTC supported show - Dominic Clarke, Grandopera (UK)
June 2005 - Best of Breed  (Sth Aust) - Tony Johnson (Aust)
2005 - BEST IN SHOW NSW (Aust) Champ show - Harry Marley, Arguside, UK

Thanks to the girls at Brasshead and Maolmhin for having him in Oz.

New Zealand show results

2008 - Best Stud Dog - NIBTC trophies 
2007 - Best Stud Dog - NIBTC trophies 
2006 - Best Stud Dog - NIBTC trophies 
2005 - Club Show winner, Best Intermediate - NIBTC trophies 
2005 - RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Harry Marley, Arguside, UK
2004 - BEST IN SHOW NIBTC Open - Linda Martin, Wianna, Australia
2004 - BEST IN SHOW NIBTC Champ - Victoria Corse, Corsaire, USA.
2004 - BEST IN SHOW NIBTC Open - Stephen Craven, Sugarbaye, Australia
2004 - BEST IN SHOW  AT ALL BREEDS CHAMP SHOW - North Shore Kennel Association
2004 - Club Show winner, Best Bull Terrier, Best Dog, Best white dog, Best white bull terrier, Best junior - NIBTC trophies 
2003 - BEST IN SHOW - NIBTC Champ, Jamie Watkiss, Westbul, Australia.
2003 - BEST IN SHOW - 'The Terrier Club', Kerry King, Brasshead, Aust
2003 - RESERVE BEST IN SHOW NIBTC- Paul Berman, Amatol, Australia
2003 - Best white bull terrier, best white dog, best New Zealand Bred - NIBTC trophies 


RISS Ch Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek ROM (NZ)
NZ Ch Jacamar Mercury Rising at Boromir (Aust)
Ch Charlemagne Kause I Said ROM (NZ)
Ch Charlemagne Kause I Can (NZ)
Ch Charlemagne Kiwi Kracka (Aust)
BISS Ch Bullistik Blazing Inferno (NZ)
BISS NZ Ch Jacamar Century Girl at Boromir ROM (NZ)
BISS Ch Bullmore Heart N Soul

Jacamar Sea Witch (Aust)
Ch Sirram Black Betty CCD (Aust)
Ch Sirram Erva Bright (Aust)
Brasshead Hot Buttered (Aust)
Brasshead Piping Hot (Aust)
BISS Ch Maolmhin African Ice ROM (Aust)
Ch Silmaril Speedwaggin ROM (USA)
Ch Crescent Silmaril Shadowfax ROM (USA)
Ch Crescent Simaril Quixotic ROM (USA)
Ch Aragon's Ruffin Tumble (USA)
Ch First Contact Wish Upon A Star (USA)

Glenbull Hiwakea (Aust)
Glenbull Cool Hand Luke (Aust)
Ch PCH Bull The Black Diamond (Mexico)
PCH Bull The Sweetheart (Mexico)


Harlequin Black Knight

Aust & NZ Ch Shirvin Wild Thunder ROM (Imp Aust)

Shirvin Master Ruler
Shirvin Diamond Magic

Boromir Vampirella

NZ Ch Raging Thunder (Imp UK)
Ch Boromir Black Widow
NZ Ch Quest Yggdrazil at Boromir ROM

(Imp Norway)

Nor/Swe Ch Quest Giancana Aricon Sly Eyes
Int Ch Ghabar Treasure
Nor/Swe Ch Quest Silmarillion Sue Am Ch Silmaril Snowbird ROM
Int Ch Questquizqueen