Boromir Bull Terriers ~ New Zealand


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List of all dogs on this site
Clicking on these links will open a new page. Any dog marked BTM is a miniature Bull Terrier.

Amatol Ablaze at Boromir (Ch) Imp Aust Boromir Quicksilver (Ch ROM) USA
Bordeaux of Boromir (Ch) Boromir Quiet Riot
Boromir A Lick of Frost at Vortex (Ch) Boromir Red Kevlar de Bulls and Co (Ch) France
Boromir Barbarossa (ROM) Boromir Rolled Gold
Boromir Bauhaus (Ch) Boromir Satyricon (Ch ROM)
Boromir Banshee (Aust) Boromir Sequestra of Vortex
Boromir Beatnik (Ch) Boromir Shadowplay
Boromir Biomechanical Boromir Shadow Sorcerer (Ch)
Boromir Black Ice (Hong Kong) Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek (Ch ROM)
Boromir Black Violet Boromir the Extremist
Boromir Black Widow (Ch) Boromir the Simi of Vortex (Ch)
Boromir Body Paint (Ch ROM) Boromir Thrice Born (Ch)
Boromir Bootleg (Ch ROM) Boromir Van Goth (Hawaii)
Boromir Brougham (Ch) Boromir War of the Roses (Ch)
Boromir Bubblicious of Vortex (Ch) Boromir Witches Brew (Ch)
Boromir By Request of Vortex Boromir Witch Queen (Ch ROM)
Boromir Chianti (Ch ROM) Boromir White Widow
Boromir Cold Steel (Ch) Boromir Zinfandel (Ch ROM)
Boromir Cyberpunk (Ch) Brasshead Gothic Vortex at Boromir (Imp Aust ROM) 
Boromir Daredevil (Ch) Bullamakanka Showtime (Ch) Imp Aust
Boromir Dragon Wytch of Vortex (Ch ROM) (Miniature) Charlemagne Kause I Said (Ch ROM)
Boromir Dream Hunter of Vortex (Ch ROM) Edenville Rambling Rose
Boromir El Becko (Ch) Jacamar Century Girl of Boromir (Ch ROM) Imp Aust
Boromir Electra (Ch) Jacamar Mercury Rising of Boromir (Ch) Imp Aust
Boromir Enchantra (Ch ROM) Kupala Kato Digger (Imp Aust)
Boromir Epiphany at Vortex Minibrook Solitary Mann (Imp Aust) Miniature
Boromir Exquisimint (Ch) Pai Marire O Manawatoa
Boromir Gothic Promise of Vortex (Ch ROM) Quest Captain Boromir de Harlequin (Imp Norway)
Boromir Gothika of Vortex (Ch ROM) Quest Nigrette (Ch) Imp Norway
Boromir Holy Roller (Aust Ch) Quest Yggdrazil (Ch ROM) Imp Norway
Boromir Kiss the Sky Raging Thunder (Ch) Imp UK
Boromir Metalmorphosis (Ch) Syrah of Boromir (Ch ROM) (Miniature)
Boromir Miss Venomous (Ch) Takirua of Boromir (Ch)
Boromir Moon Witch Tehiwinui Aragorn (Ch) Imp Aust
Boromir Moon Wytch from Vortex (CH ROM) BTM Ch Te Toki O Manawatoa (ROM)
Boromir Non Sequitur Thank You of East
Boromir Outer Limits Shirvin Wild Thunder (Ch ROM) Imp Aust
Boromir Ozone Baby (Aust) Siraminx Kiss This (Ch) Imp Aust
Boromir Pickity Witch (Ch) Syrah of Boromir (Ch ROM) BTM
Boromir Pinball Wizard (Ch) Vortex Cocolicious of Boromir (Ch)
Boromir Practical Magic (Ch) Vortex Destinys Pick of Boromir (Ch)
Boromir Queen of Sorcery Vortex Paper Moon from Boromir (CH ROM) BTM
Vortex Questors Revenge of Boromir (Ch)
Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir (Ch ROM)
Wianna Bordeaux (Imp Aust)