Boromir Bull Terriers ~ New Zealand


 The kennel name Boromir was first registered in 1987 by us (Deane & Heidi Holland).
Since that time we have worked with other breeders whose collaborations have helped build our pedigree lines as well as their own, with each breeder registering some pups from each litter in their individual kennel names. Many of these have successfully built their own independent kennel from their co-owned Boromir foundation bitch. The exception to the kennel naming rule is when we work with Linda at Vortex Kennels, where each pup collaboratively produced carries both of our kennel names. Pip at Bulltanica is another lifelong friend made through our dogs.

We have imported from several overseas kennels: Quest kennels in Norway have historically been an important addition to our NZ lines. We have swapped dogs with Brasshead Kennels in Australia for a few decades now and still happily work with Kerry. A list of imports can be accessed through the link above.

I endeavour to clearly mark the difference between our Bull Terriers and our Miniature Bull Terriers in these pages, but a clue is that all minis are 'of' or 'from' Boromir, and all Bull Terriers have Boromir at the beginning of their registered name.
Clicking on the headings above (explained below) will take you to various pages featuring our dogs from our beginning until now. Each dog has their written pedigree included at the bottom of the page and some of the names in those pedigrees can be clicked to see their photos.